As-salaam Alaikum,

Below is the upcoming quiz for Saturday December 1st, 2018
Study it well!

  • What happens when we ask Allah to bless Rasulullah?
    Allah, His angels, and Rasulullah send their blessings upon us.

  • What is Kufr and Shirk?
    To denying Allah and worshiping others is called kufr and to worship a partner alongside Allah or think that someone or thing shares His power and authority is called shirk.

  • What is Allah's last revelation to mankind?
    The Qur'an is Allah's last revelation to mankind.

  • What of Rasulullah's should we follow?
    We should follow his Sunnah.

  • Who built the Ka'bah?
    Prophet Ibrahim and his son Prophet Isma'il (A)

  • What is the difference between the Messengers and Prophets?
    Messengers were sent to a people who had forgotten about Allah and the teachings of their Prophets and Prophet were sent as reminders and warners.

  • What are the names of Prophet Muhammed's parents?
    His father's name: Abdullah Ibn Abdulmuttalib
    His mother's name: Aminah Bint Wahb
    His Grandfather's name: AbdulMuttalib Ibn Hashim

  • When was Prophet Muhammed born?
    Although we don't know the exact date, it is said that he was born the 12th of Rabi Al Awwal on a Monday That was the year of the Elephant.

  • Who is Halimah AlSaadiah?
    Halimah AlSaadiah was Rusullah's foster mother/ wet nurse.

  • What was prophet Muhammed's heart filled with after it was washed by the Angels?
    It was filled with Allah's Nur (Light).

  • What are the two names Muhammed's (saws) grandfather named him and why?
    It was Muhammed and Ahmed. He was named that because his grandfather wanted him to be praised in the life and in the heavens.

  • What does Muhammed and Ahmed mean?
    It means "One who is praised".