As-salaam Alaikum,

My name is umm Abdel-Aleem (Khala Tayseer), and I am one of three/ four teachers teaching your child this year.  
I have been working at the Islamic school for over 11 years with experienced, skilled teaching staff as a team to guide your child through his or her Islamic academic journey. Because we are all brothers and sisters in Islam, I do my best to treat your children as one of my own. I want the parents and students to know and believe that when they are out of the presence of their parents and in mine, I become the eyes and hearts of their parents wanting no less for them than I want for my very own child.

Because I know how children can forget what they learnt an hour after its been taught, I post up a summery of the subjects I covered along with the homework assignments I gave the students every Monday no later than Wednesday Insha-Allah.

Here are the subjects I cover:

  • Akhalaq
  • Aqeedah
  • Islamic History
  • Ibadah