As-salaam Alaikum Parents,

Homework is a valuable tool to reinforce classroom learning.

It can strengthen the ties between home and school, and provide opportunities for students to develop time management and organizational skills.

STUDENTS are responsible for completing their homework assignments and Qur'an (ayat) memorization. I expect every student to come to class well-rehearsed  in the ayat given to them and having their assignments ready to turn in. Please encourage your child/ren to be responsible when it comes to homework.

Students should spend about 20 to 35 minutes on homework,
not including daily reading of the Qur'an (15 minutes). If it takes your child much longer than this, we might need to look at the time management and organizational skills they are using in class.

Homework will be assigned every Sunday. Again, this does not include the 15 minutes of DAILY reading of the Qur'an that your child should be doing to refresh his or her memory of past or upcoming Surahs. Occasionally special projects or assignments may be also assigned. Students that turn 100% of their homework ON TIME will become members of the 100% Homework Club.


umm Abdel-aleem/ Khala Tyseer


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