The Truth about Halloween
and Other Pagan Festivals

By Abu Usaamah At-Thabi

Abu Usaama At-Thabi speaks about Thanksgivings on his lecture
'The Truth about Halloween and Other Pagan Festivals'
He starts to speak about Halloween 43 minutes into the video.
The Origins of Christmas and Santa Claus
By Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick
Watch the full unedited version
Christmas is commonly practiced festival by thousands in various countries across the world.
In this video Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick unveils the polytheistic nature of these events.

 Thanksgivings In Islam

By Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick

A Glimpse Of Hellfire
By Sheikh Omar Al-Banna

Warning Graphic Images (For 13 years and older)

The Torment of Jahanam

By Bilal Assad

Valentine's Day.. "The Reality"

By Tawfique Chowdhury

April Fools is Haram! - The Deen Show

By Sheikh Feiz

The Truth About Easter - The Deen Show

By Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick 

Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick a Muslim Historian Scholar who was also a former Christian himself is helping Muslims and Christians to understand the truth about Easter and the way of life that Jesus Christ lived which was ISLAM.

There is a shorter version, 3 min 46 seconds "The Truth about Easter"