Student Behavior Plan

As-salaam Alaikum Parents,

All class expectations are established at the beginning of the school year with the children.
We develop and agree upon these expectations together. A poster of our "constitution" is created and signed by all students in the class. This process gives all students a voice in establishing classroom expectations and that creates a feeling of ownership for the students. Consequences for not meeting our decided expectations are also discussed.

I feel that it is equally important to reward students with good behavior in order to draw attention to the appropriate behavior. It is my goal to promote the appropriate behaviors from all students to create an inviting, warm Islamic atmosphere from the very first day of school to the very last day. Because each member of the classroom is an individual with his or her own backgrounds and expectations, I will use various and individual methods of managing student behavior.

 What if expectations are not being met?

Here is a general guideline:

1st offense:

Verbal warning

2nd offense:

Student contract to be signed by parents and 5-10 minutes removed from recess

3rd offense:

Parent called and no recess

4th offense:

Visit to the principal 

 The Behavior Management Plan is subject to change at the teacher's discretion.
This is a tool used in managing student behavior which may be adjusted based on the progress and success of the students' behavior management skills.

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