As-salaam Alaikum

we are having a potluck this coming Sunday October 26, 2014. We have discussed in class what we will be bring InshaAllah and as a reminder i'm posting it up on our website.  If by any chance you can't bring or need to change what you have agreed upon with your classmates, please call (my mobile number is on your monthly assignment sheet) or email me as soon as possible.

JazakaAllah Khair.

Potluck items we agreed to bring:

Jamal: Paper plates & spoons

Khadija: Fruit platter

Maimuna: A box of Capri juice

Mohammed: Cake (enough for 16 people)

Momodou: A box of Capri juice

Musa: A bowl of plain Salad

Rafi: Briyanni

Saherah: Samosa

Sara: A box of Capri juice

Sheriff: A box of Capri juice

Tumani: Chips (enough for 16)

Firdous & Kaouthar: Fruit platter