As-salaam Alaikum,

There was school Sunday and we had so much fun!

Everything you missed:
  • Morning: Staying outside most of the morning playing in the snow, building snowmen and throwing snow balls. Sara even tried to throw a snowball at me 'Khala Tyseer' but I ran into the Masjid (I'm a scaredy cat). Pictures
  • Lunch:    Being surprised with an early lunch and a  PIZZA PARTY in which we ate together with all the other classes in the Masjid.
  • Playing games: We played games and won candy.
  • Assignments: Not doing much work and playing with other classmates once work was completed.
We really had a lot of fun.  May Allah reward Amu Nasr for bringing us together so we can have a snow fun-filled day, ameen.

Hope to see you nest week!