As-salaam Alaikum,

There are new school rules.

1.       Contacting the teacher:
During class hours in cases of emergency, please contact ‘sister Inaz or brother Nasr instead of the teacher.   If a parent needs to speak with his/her child(ren), s/he should contact sister Inaz or brother Nasr. They will see to it that you reach your child(ren).
A letter will be sent home with their phone numbers so please save it to your mobile.

You can contact me ‘Khala Tyseer’  during these hours

Calls that are made to me during class hours will be answered during recess (12:50PM) Insha-Allah

Examples of emergency:

·         Need to pick up student early.

·         Need to know if there is school.

·         Need to speak with student.

2.       Student cell phone use:
Cell phone should be on silent and given to the principle during class hours for students are not allowed to make or receive phone calls during class period.  If there is an emergency, the teacher will allow the student use of his/her personal phone to reach their guardian.

Students are allowed to use their cell phones during recess.

Thanks for understanding, take care.