Next Week Test is on "The Pillars of Salaah"

The Pillars of Salaah are the things that must be done in order for your Salaah to be accepted. 

All classes will be tested on this so please study for it.

  1. Takbiratul Ihram: to enter into Salaah saying 'Allahu Akbar'.
  2. Al-Qiyam: standing erect (up straight) for Al-Fatiha.
  3. The Qira'ah: recitation from Qur'an; saying Al-Fatiha in each Rak'ah.
  4. The Rukou, rising after Rukou and standing erect (up straight)
  5. The Sujud: Performing Sajdatayn (the two Sajdahs) sitting up for a while between the two Sajdahs.
  6. Julus Al-Akhir: The last sitting for the Tashahud
  7. As-Salaam: The final peace greeting (turning your head to the right).
  8. To follow the order prescribed of Salaah; and to perform each part calmly without haste (without rushing).