As-salaam Alaikum,

My name is Umm Abdel-Aleem (Khala Tayseer) and I'm one of your child's teachers this year. 

I would like to let you know that every student is sent home with two important sheets of paper every Sunday, an "Assignment sheet" and a "Prayer Sheet". These two sheets of paper must be signed and returned the following Saturday.

In our classroom all students are learning how to make Wudu.  It is very important for reinforcement, to make sure that for every prayer; your child is making Wudu Correctly and praying at the Masjid or alongside you at home.

Below are the subjects that I will most likely be covering this year Insha-Allah.

  1. Akhlaq (Islamic Moralities and Transactions)
  2. Aqeedah (Islamic Creed / Belief)
  3. Fiqh (Deep understanding): (Class Tawheed & Al-Eman) There's a brief introductionlass Ibadah, 
  4. Ibadah (Islamic Worship): (Class Tawheed & Al-Eman)

Please make sure before sending your child to School that s/he has:

  1. Showered, brush teeth, cut and cleaned finger and toenails.

  2. Brushed or combed hair.

  3. Wearing clean and appropriate Islamic clothing:

  • No symbols that represent other religions or faces of things with a soul should be seen on his or her clothing such as people, dogs or cats etc...

  • Girls should wear scarfs and clothing that are loose fitted such as an Abayah, a Jilbab, a long skirt, or dress.
    Remember it is fall, so have your child dress warmly in layers.

        4. A simple lunch:

  • Lunch shouldn't require a long time to eat, so pack something quick and healthy.

        5. Backpack:

  • It is important that you check your child's backpack for their binder containing their homework, Assignment and Prayer sheets before sending them to school.

If you have any questions regarding the above subjects, feel free to call anyone of the teachers (teachers mobile number should be written on students’ assignment sheet).

Email me at or inbox me from the website by clicking this link

Jazakum Allah Khair,
umm Abdel-Aleem/ Khala Tayseer