As-salaam Alaikum,

We are having a quiz next Saturday December 1, 2012.. Below are the question and answers for it, study well.
  1. What does At-Taharah mean? The cleanliness and purity.
  2. Prophet Muhammed said "Whoever goes to Jummah prayer should do what? Make a bath (Ghusl).
  3. Why is Taharah important for the prayer? Because your prayer isn't accepted without it.
  4. What does At-Taharah Shatrul-Iman means? Taharah (cleanliness) is half of the faith.
  5. What does Wudu mean? To wash certain body parts.
  6. What does Ghusl means? To wash you entired body from head to toe starting with the places of impurities.
  7. What is Tayyammum? Dry Ablution.
  8. How many Pillar of Islam are there? There are five Pillars of Islam.
  9. If someone misses part of a Salaat, what should he do? Do what he missed.
  10. If you didn't make Takbiratul- Ihram (raising hands to your ears saying Allahu Akbar), is your Salaat (prayer) answer? No. Takbiring of how we enter into the prayer.
  11. What is Salatul- Masbooq? Salatul Masbooq is when a person misses part Jama'ah (group) prayer.
  12. What is Takbiratul-Ihram? Takbiratul-Ihram is when we enter into the prayer raising our hands saying Allahu Akbar.