Take a look at your November's Quiz

  1. Rasulullah (saws) said what about intentions?
    Ones actions are determined by one's intentions. Everyone is rewarded for what he or she intends

  2. What did Allah (swt) say about chaning the condition of people?
    Indeed! never will Allah change a condition of a people, unless they change it (from within) themselves.

  3. Allah (swt) commands us to work hard and ask Him (by making Dua) for the reward of both worlds. What is the Dua in the Qur'an?
    Our Lord! Give us good in this world and the Hereafter. And save us from the punishment of the Fire.

  4. Allah (swt) tells us to help each other in good not bad. What did He say?
    And help each other in goodness and piety and do not cooperate with one another in sin and aggression.

  5. Islam is a religion of peace and doesn't force people to become Muslim. What does Allah (swt) say in the Qur'an about it?
    There is no compulsion in religion; the right path is made clear from error.

  6. The Qur'an commands the Muslims to cooperate with the People of The Book (Christians and Jews) in doing those things that both faiths have in common by saying what?
    Oh people of the Book! Come to what is common between us and you, that we shall worship none but God.