As-salaam Alaikum,

Below is what to expect for January's Quiz.

Book: Our Prophet Muhammed

  1. Who is called khalilullah and what dies it mean?
    Prophet Ibrahim (a) is called Khalilullah and it means " the friend of Allah"

  2. How did Allah show his love for Prophet Ibrahim (s)?
    Allah made him a Prophet and taught him Islam.

  3. In what city did Prophet Muhammed (saws) receive the first revelation?
    Prophet Muhammed (saws) received the first revelation in the city of Makkah.

  4. What Surah did Angel Jibril read to Prophet Muhammed (saws)?
    Angel Jibril (a) read Surah Iqra

  5. What did Prophet Muhammed's (saws) mother Aminah dream about her unborn baby?
    In her dream she saw a light coming out of her. It made her feel that her baby was a very special one.

  6. Who named Prophet Muhammed (saws).
    Prophet Muhammed's (saws) grandfather Abdul-Muttalib named him.

  7. Who was Waraqa?
    Waraqa is a pious Christian man and Khadijah (r) cousin.

  8. Was Noah (s) a Prophet, a Messenger or both?
    Noah (a) was a Prophet of Allah

  9. Why do we send salutations upon Angel Jibrael when his name is mentioned?
    We send Salutations upon Angel Jibril when his name is mention because he gave the message to Prophet Muhammed (saws). 

  10. The Qur'an was sent to mankind for what purpose?
    The Qur'an was sent to mankind as a reminder, a guide and a warning.