As-salaam Alaikum,
Below are the questions to the final test you will be having at Dars this year (Yaay!)
Study hard no excuses...

  1. In Prophet Muhammed part 3 we learned that Prophet (saws) had to go in hiding because of the evil scheme of the Quryash. Where did he hide, Who accompanied him and how many nights did he stay in hiding?
    Prophet Muhammed (saws) and Abu Bakr stayed three night in the cave of Thawr when they were hiding from the Quraysh.

  2. What was the reward that the Quraysh offered for the capturing of Prophet Muhammed (saws)?
    One hundred camels

  3. What is the worst stealing someone can do?
    The worst stealing that someone can do is stealing from their Salah

  4. What are the six conditions of Salah?

    1. The Niyyah
    2. Taharah (purity of the body, clothes and place)
    3. Covering the Awrah
    4. Wuduu
    5. Facing the Qiblah
    6. Performing the prayers in its proper time

  5. What are the seven pillar of Salah

    1. Takbiratul-Ihram
    2. Al-Qiyam (standing)
    3. Recitation from the Qur'an beginning with Surah Al-fatihah
    4. Rukuu (bending down)
    5. Sajdatayn (the two sajdahs)
    6. Julus (sitting for the Tashahhud)
    7. Following the sequence prescribed for the Salah

    (Note: These are the pillars of the Salah and if any of these acts are missed or faultily carried out; the Salah will not be accepted).

  6. How did Prophet Muhammed (saws) teach Muslims past and present?
    He taught us by what he did, said and (silently) approved.