Book: Islamic Education

Lesson: Adam, The Father of Mankind (Peace be upon him)
  • Iblis disobeyed Allah (swt).
  • Shaytan is our enemy.
  • Adam and Hawa.
  • Allah (swt) taught Adam how to give everything names.
  • The Test (Adam & Hawa).
  • Allah (swt) is The All-Forgiving, The Most Merciful.
  • How we can avoid following the shaytan.
  • Activity A: Use words to fill in the blanks
  • Activity B: Join Words
  • Activity C: Answer questions.
Lesson: Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him).
  • Years after Prophet Adam (a), Nuh (a) came.
  • Nuh (a) warning his people against associating partners with Allah (s).
  • Nuh (a) telling his people to repent.
  • The Great Flood.
  • Activity A: Choose the proper words to fill in the blanks.